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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Vape for You

From the type of vaping device to the flavor or strength of your vape liquid, choosing your vaping materials can be difficult. With these four tips, you will know what questions to ask, what choices to make and where to invest your money for the best vaping experience.

1.    Consider battery life

When it comes to vaping devices, their battery life can differ. For example, mini devices such as vaping pens might have a shorter battery life, but you need to decide how important that is to you. If you prefer the smaller, more discreet design then perhaps its short battery life is a sacrifice you are willing to make.

Choosing a vaping device based on its battery life should also take into account how much you vape or intend to vape. A long-lasting device is not as critical if you are inhaling less frequently, while those vaping heavily will want to look for a device that will comfortably last them all day.

2.    Think about circumstance

Also, consider under what circumstance are you vaping or considering taking up vaping. If, for instance, you are looking to quit smoking, then e-cigarettes or vaping pens could be psychologically more effective. Much how a current or ex-smoker often twiddles a pen or pencil between their fingers – or rests an object in the corner of their mouths – to replicate the feel of a cigarette, these types of devices will help provide a more “traditional” experience.

If, on the other hand, you have fallen in love with vaping to create stunning clouds, small devices might not cut the mustard. Getting devices with bigger vape tanks, or box mods which have variable wattage so you can increase power will be more effective for this. Certain box mods will have fixed wattage, and therefore you would not be able to manually increase their cloud blowing capabilities.

3.    Try different flavors

The flavor of liquid to go in your device is also a crucial part of your decision making. To choose the best liquid, you should try out different flavors. You can even get customizable boxes with different flavors sent to your home with zamplebox.com, which will help you make up your mind for future purchases.

There is an endless number of flavors for vape liquids, coming as wide-ranging as wafer or churros and ice cream. If you are wary, it’s always a good plan to start out by trying the ones you are more certain you will like.

4.    Choose your aesthetic

Combining the above points: choose your aesthetic. Do you want to be a discreet vape or a bold, cloud blowing vapes? Do you want your vapor clouds to be odorless or to smell of sweet pineapple? Different devices and flavors will change the way you look while vaping.

These four tips should point you in the right direction, or at least get you asking yourself the right questions, for deciding on what vaping products to buy. Ask friends about what devices they are using or what their favorite flavor is and try out new products.

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