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4 Technologies That Could Save Your Business Money

Due to the sheer amount of innovative technologies on the market, it can be difficult to identify the best systems for your company’s operations. However, introducing the right tools could transform your business processes, decrease overheads and increase profitability.

To improve your organization’s productivity and finances, check out the below four technologies that could save your business money.

  1. Inventory Management Systems

As you will likely have invested a substantial amount of money into your inventory, it is vital you protect it. To improve internal efficiency and reduce financial loss, invest in a reliable inventory management system. The powerful tool will successfully supervise the flow of stock from a manufacturer to a warehouse and then to the point of sale. It can ultimately reduce the capital tied up in a warehouse and increase your business profitability.

  1. Cybersecurity Solutions

According to a Cost of Cyber Crime study, the average company experiences approximately 130 successful cyberattacks annually. It can also cost an average of $12 million for an enterprise to recover from these attacks.

Rather than falling victim to harmful malware or phishing scams, which can be expensive, invest in powerful cybersecurity solutions, such as:

  • Network firewalls
  • Endpoint security
  • Intrusion prevention

Don’t allow a cyberattack to destroy your brand’s finances, reputation and longevity. Instead, invest in various cybersecurity solutions to protect your organization from financial hardship, reputation damage and legal issues.

  1. A Vehicle Tracking Device

It doesn’t matter if your business owns one vehicle or thousands, you could benefit from vehicle tracking devices that can keep track of your fleet. For example, mygeotab provides a variety of services to support business productivity, such as driver tracking and reporting, asset tracking, and routing and dispatching, to name only a few of the services. What’s more, your business can also utilize rich data analysis, which can help your company make informed decisions.

  1. Automation Services

Time is money in business. Every hour spent on a monotonous task is an hour you could have used on a more creative project. However, it might be impossible to drop a boring task, as it could be integral to your operations. Rather than manually completing the menial jobs each day, you could utilize automation services.

For example, social media automation tools will allow you to schedule posts on various networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You also could use the data insights to improve your future campaigns.

Other automation tools you could use can include:

  • Automatic assembly machines
  • Self-service checkout counters
  • Email automation
  • Spreadsheet automation

Automation services will free up your employees’ time while improving their job satisfaction and morale.


Many business owners are often eager to save money, but they aren’t willing to invest in expensive technologies to help them do exactly that. However, if your profit margin is small, you would be smart to invest in the above options, if applicable to your business. The solutions could potentially save you thousands of dollars per year, which could lead to an increase in productivity, greater financial security, and longevity in your industry.

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