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Apple releases patch for iPhone XS’ ChargeGate problem

Apple releases patch for iPhone XS' ChargeGate problem

Just few days after iOS 12 public update was released with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and other iDevices, people began to report about certain issues of which, ‘ChargeGate’ when is the issue where few units of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max faced trouble charging it up along with other issues such as the one related to WiFi reception and the abnormal shift in the position of keys in iPad, etc. Well, Apple has finally responded by releasing an update i.e. iOS 12.0.1 which resolves several problems.

First of all, the bug causing both the newly launched iPhones to not detect lightning cable especially when the phone screen was off which affected few if not all iPhones. The bug has been fixed in the iOS 12.0.1 update along with the WiFi reception error where the system automatically rejoins a slower 2.4GHz frequency band instead of the faster 5GHz band.

Further, the update has resolved issues with Bluetooth on iPhones that used to show ‘unavailable’ at few instances and finally, iOS 12.0.1 has fixed the bug causing the buttons “.?123” to switch places in the virtual keyboard on iPads. So, the biggest of the batch is the bug fix for Apple’s ‘ChargeGate’ problem which got a lot of attention from YouTubers and tech experts around the globe.

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