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3 Ways Technology Has Transformed the College Application Process

One thing with new technology is that it often ends up becoming so ubiquitous that it’s difficult to even imagine life before it. Technology keeps changing the college experience for thousands of students every day, with distance education now coming into the forefront.

There was a time not too long ago when online degrees were still being associated with diploma mills, but things are changing so fast that full or blended online classes might very well become the norm during our lifetime. Another aspect that has greatly evolved, thanks to technology is the college application process. Let’s take a look at a few ways technology has changed the way we apply to college.

Online Portfolios and Resumes

Building a website used to be such an esoteric process, and having one used to be looked at almost with admiration. Fast forward to today, and literally everyone and their dogs can have a website online in a few minutes.

This now allows students to use more than letters of recommendation and essays to stand apart. Any material published online can also be used to show their competence. This is especially true for fields like journalism, for instance. This is just one more asset that students can use today to put their foot forward and show that they are a perfect fit for any particular school or program.

Online Centralized Application Services

Online centralized application services are completely transforming what it means to apply and make the process so much easier for students. For one, they allow students to apply to a wide variety of schools without having to gather all the different documents. Most will only require one transcript request and submission, which is one of the most tenuous aspects of the application process.

You can also find both general and specialized application services. Some will allow you to apply to business schools specifically, for instance. These allow you to streamline the whole process or research programs, and allow you to build a solid list of potential schools fast. Not only that, but these services will also allow you to get updates on the application process 24/7.

More Access to Information

One of the biggest benefits of technology when it comes to college application is the sheer amount of information you now have at your fingertips. All you need to do is go to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube and get thrust right in the middle of the campus. You can get real live interactions with people going to that school and contact admission offices more easily than ever. Mobile technology has also made things easier by allowing students to do things such as check their application status on the go or schedule a visit.

These are a few examples of how technology has completely transformed how we view college applications today. While it can be a mixed blessing, technology is doing much more good than harm in this case, so take advantage of it with every chance you get.

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