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3 Unexpected Applications for Measurement Devices

Measurement Devices

Those who work in industries such as manufacturing, or engineering will naturally come across some form of measurement device. These devices are used to produce a number of measurements depending upon what sort of application is used. Because the measurements that such devices provide users with are typically critical to the safety of the work being done, it is important that a measurement device has been specifically manufactured for the purpose it is intended to serve.

While many people will be familiar with the most obvious applications of such devices, there are some ways in which these devices can be used that aren’t as commonly known. Here are three uncommon yet necessary ways in which measurement devices can be used.

1) Medical Training

In order to become a medical professional, one must obtain a vast amount of education and training. Because there is only so much that can be taught in the classroom that medical professionals need to know about, a large amount of such training is done in a practical, real-world setting. While there are simulations that can be put in place, every medical professional at some point or other will undergo training in a real-life scenario, under the close supervision of a qualified instructor, of course.

Strain Measurement Devices can be used in the simulated training sessions of future medical professionals. For instance, when someone is training to become a physician or registered nurse, they must learn how much force is safe to apply to the head of a newborn baby during labour. A measurement device can be used within a model newborn so that a future medical professional can learn exactly how much force they are applying before they are put in a real-life delivery scenario.

2) Agricultural Drones

One of the biggest innovations in the world of agriculture in recent decades has been the development and use of drones for agricultural purposes. Such drones can give information about potential illnesses that emerge within crops or aid in irrigation.

With drones becoming a commonplace tool in the world of agriculture, they must be designed and equipped with the right mechanisms. Measurement devices are used in such drones to help them better perform the tasks that farmers use them for. Optical sensors, temperature gauges, and ultrasonic sensors are all components of a quality drone that can be used for agricultural purposes.

3) Commercial Aircrafts

While there are obviously a number of different applications for measurement devices in the world of aircraft engineering, one way that directly affects passengers on commercial airlines are the devices that measure and monitor cabin pressure.

Such devices must be able to withstand the vibrations that naturally occur while an aircraft is in flight, while at the same time giving an accurate reading of absolute pressure. One of the most important devices on an aircraft, the air pressure measurement device that provides a reading on the pressure within the cabin must also be small and compact in volume.

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