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3 Tips & tricks for movement and shooting in VALORANT 

Shooter games have a lot of mechanics that one needs to be conscious of before getting into the game. If not, they end up playing the game like musicians having rehearsals on stage during the main concert. Several factors need to be considered when it comes to your movement and aiming in Valorant.

Within the article, we will be talking about these factors and how to go about them for the best outcome. Also, check out these valorant hacks from Aimclub for use in your game if you are ever faced with any tight corners.

3 tips and tricks for movement and shooting in valorant

1. Know when to crouch and when to stand

In valorant, some of the players are still beginner players and may not know the basics of shooting in the game. As a result, you may end up with players who neglect the importance of headshots and aim for your chest region. Crouching during fights with this kind of opponent will only make you help them with a free headshot.

The kind of players you should crouch against are those who have better aims for the head region. Since they already have their crosshair leveled at head level, it will take a few seconds for them to move the crosshair down to your head. This short time can be enough for you to have some nice shots while they fiddle with their crosshair. 

Be quick with those shots and get back on your feet before they can finally take some shots. That way, your chances of taking them out before they can kill you are increased. If you’re not comfortable with the whole crouching and standing movement, straff or shoot from cover.

2. Make your movements as strategic as possible

Movement is very important as it may help you to escape some kills or kill you faster than you can imagine. We will be talking about movements in a few short headings; read on.

  • Learn unique movements of different agents in the game

Valorant has multiple agents, with each having different unique abilities. Along with the abilities, some agents have certain movement controls specific to them. Understand these movements and the specific situations where they are most suitable. Some common ones include dimensional drift by Yoru and Jett’s Tailwind and Updrift.

  • Only run when necessary.

Like many other FPS games, players in Valorant can hear the footsteps of other players. This can reveal their location or how close the other player is. To help you shroud your location, walking serves as a better alternative to walking. More so, depending on the situation at hand, you may get some sneaky kills.

  • Don’t be in a hurry while approaching sites.

You want to rush to your own peril, then run into unchecked sites. Before going into a site, make sure that you have gathered useful and important intel about the location before approaching your team. Then, instead of rushing in through the normal entry, look for other concealed entry points. It helps you to enter from a direction where your enemy never expected to see you, earning you an easier kill.

3. Pay attention to your recoil and crosshair

When talking about guns in valorant, a good direction to look is the recoil. This is because the recoil pattern of your guns contributes a great deal to the accuracy of your shots. So it is good to experiment with different weapons in the range to know which of the guns you can cope with. 

Once your crosshair is locked on a target, you can expect your first three shots to hit your target on point. However, after these first shots, your crosshair will shift a little bit from the target because of the weapon’s recoil. So, take a second to reposition your crosshair to get the best aiming possible in Valorant.


Aiming and movement are the two fundamental parts of any first-person shooter game. So, take some time to practice in the range to know your weapons’ recoil pattern. Learn the specific movements for some of the different agents in the game. Also, conceal your location with precise movements at the right place and in the right condition.

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