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3 In The Morning: Sam Jay’s Standup Comedy releases on Netflix

3 in the morning

Sam Jay’s Netflix standup exclusive “3 in the Morning” has been released on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. In an interview, she told that 3 in the morning is the result of roughly two years of performing.

It is a 15 minute stand up set on Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup. In this standup special, Jay reflects on doing something often with her girlfriend called ‘Travelling’, which is a thing many of us used to do in the Before Times.

She also posted a status on her twitter handle for informing about the releasing of stand up special.

What is 3 in the Morning?

3 in the morning is the luxurious Feast of stand up special. In the standup, Jay waxes on everything from her doomed early dabbling in heterosexuality. Hence, prefers Jaden Smith to Greta Thunberg, and how white people often seem to be training for some strange future disaster no one else knows about-all in a style that veers seamlessly from severe to playful.

She filmed the individual (3 in the morning) back in early February, mere weeks before COVID-19 outbreak.

Later on, as the set progresses, Sam Jay talks about the rudeness of white people and how they made a museum out of everything they stole while the situation is a bit different with the people of colour.

With such Comment, Jay points out a finger towards the racial supremacy that has been parfait of our cultures.

About Sam Jay

Those who don’t know about Sam Jay, She is an American Standup Comedian and Writer. She is a writer for Saturday Night Live and performs Standup on Jimmy-Kimmel Live, Comedy central standup Presents and the Comedy Line-up.

On August 4, Sam Jay presented her long Netflix comedy exclusive, 3 in the morning, filmed at the Masquerade in Atlanta. Jay also appeared on Take My Life and received Positive critical reception for her Performance at “Just for Laughs Comedy Festival” in Montreal.

She was Awarded with Primetime Emmy Award in 2018 & 2019, and with WGA Award in 2020. She had also announced Debut standup album Donna’s Daughter in 2018.  In the context of her personal life, She is a lesbian.

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