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2021 Toyota Supra will not be getting Android Auto

The co-created BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra sports vehicles share various things, from motors to suspension parts to inside switchgear. In any case, while the Z4 utilizes BMW’s most recent iDrive 7 infotainment software, the Supra depends on the German organization’s iDrive 6 programming, and as a result, the Supra will be devoid of the Android Auto feature that BMW is soon planning to introduce to its vehicles.

The Toyota Supra won’t advantage from BMW’s July iDrive update that will add the Android Auto feature to the framework. This is on the grounds that the Supra utilizes iDrive form 6, yet the expansion of Android is just for vehicles equipped with iDrive 7. This means Toyota’s car won’t be accessible with this cell phone mirroring tech. In the interim, Apple CarPlay is currently offered as standard on the Toyota Supra.

Ben Haushalter, Toyota’s senior manager of product planning, said in an interview- “We’re gathering client criticism to check whether that is something they’re keen on,” we visited over twelve sellers … we met with proprietors. Truly, the Android Auto question hasn’t come up as enormous spoilers up until now.”

Lodge tech aside, the Supra heads into the 2021 model year with some critical redesigns. Toyota gave the Supra a significant update for the 2021 model year. The 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six presently creates 382 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque, rather than the past 335 hp and 365 lb-ft. Aside from that, the Toyota Supra, for the year 2021, offers a substitute 2L turbocharged 4-pot motor also, that is evaluated to produce 255 hp and 295 lb.- ft. of torque. Nonetheless, both the powertrains are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission setup.

The prices for the current-gen Toyota Supra starts at $49,900 and can go up to $55,250 for the highest “Launch Edition” model. Though, there is no word out yet that whether the 2021 Supra will witness a change in the pricing as well, or will the price bracket remain untampered with. Yet, we expect a slight increase in the prices considering the higher power producing capability of the engine. Currently, the 2020 Supra gets a 6.5-inch infotainment display, and also offers the option of upgrading it to an 8.8-inch screen. However, the 2021 Toyota Supra will ditch the 6.5-inch screen and an 8.8-inch panel will be offered as standard.

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