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2017 would have taken the life of Katy Perry

Our favorite singer Katy Perry recently disclosed about her mental health and life struggles. The Roar singer revealed that, three years ago, she was contemplating taking her life because she was having personal and career issues. Apart from that, she also opened up about the way she conquered the suicidal emotions, and now she is in a far better place.

Apart from that, Con Calma singer also shared her post break up feelings. In 2016, after being spotted at the Golden Globes after-party, Our beloved singer Katy Perry and the actor Orlando Bloom had made their relationship public.

After dating ten months of each other, the duo decided to part their ways in 2017. During a recent interview, Katy and Orlando’s break up was confirmed and she began to face a tough time since then.

Apart from this, the Dark Horse singer further added the time when she was struggling with personal problems like lack of interest in performance and the album witness was poorly performed things went really down for her. The album Witness was not a hit at all and this happened when her crisis went from bad to worse.

She expressed that maybe the fans might not know what she is going through but somehow she was still managing and trying her best with all the personal turmoil. She sadly expressed that no human and no amount of money could help her through it. It was just her by herself who could do it alone.

Apart from that, Katy Perry also discussed about emotional and mental health and said that hope saved and motivated her to survive. In addition to this, Hot and Cold singer also stated that Now she thinks it was necessary to split her up so that she might regain her wholeness in a totally different way. She also claimed that appreciation preserved her life and sought means of being thankful. She also disclosed that she walks around and tells herself, “I’m grateful, even though things get really difficult.

Apart from that, Katy Perry also shared that now she is in a far better place. In February 2019, the duo got engaged after patching things up with Orlando.

Besides that, at the starting of this year, it was announced by the renowned singer that she is all set to welcome her child with Orlando and the duo is planning their wedding too. But, due to the lethal spread of COVID 19, like many other things, this also had to be put on hold. Apart from that, it was also revealed by the actor Orlando Bloom on social media that the couple is expecting a baby girl.

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