It is one of the most perplexing questions for scientists that do Mars have water and life, and thus far, no has to answer this question. But it seems, a team of Ireland scientists do have the answer for this time-honoured puzzle. A team of astronomers from the Trinity College Dublin, Ireland has claimed to find evidence of water on the Red Planet – which since long is believed to be a barren planet.

In a remarkable breakthrough, a team of Trinity Scientists has stumbled upon an ancient land on Mars’ surface, which is estimated to be swamped with water some million years ago. While conducting an exploration mission on Earth, the research team of Ireland found the idea about the presence of water on Mars.

According to the new reports of Ireland scientists, on Earth, desert’s dune parts are used to flood by water in the areas of random groundwater, where the water bodies like a river, lakes, and coasts are presented in the close near distance. The close-by presence of water courses brings an episodic flood to these desert dune areas, and scientists call periodic waves as ‘arcuate striations’. Such sporadic events often leave telltale patterns behind them, following which the scientists have assumed regarding the presence of water on Mars.

According to Dr Mary Bourke from Trinity, the first author of the study, such n Earth-like periodic pattern of the wave are also found in one ancient region of Mars, which evidently indicates the presence of water on Martian surface in the not-so-distant time. The expected watery land was detected in an old valley of Mars. From its outer impression, the piece of land seems to have undergone through the intervallic wet events in the not-so-distant past.

The study, published in the academic journal – ‘Geophysical Research Letters’ was co-led by Dr Mary Bourke from Trinity, and her partner, Professor Heather Viles, from the University of Oxford. The potential discovery of water on Mars is expected to pave revolutionary paths for the discovery of life on the Red Planet.

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