CMFRI or Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi will be launching a new application which will help it to classify reefs underwater. The app called “Fish Finder Version 1” will hit the market tomorrow, on 18th February 2017, on the auspicious occasion of Platinum Jubilee Celebration of the agency. The application in intended for easy identification of commercial reef and reef related to fishes.

As per the official statement, given by CMFRI, Kerala Governor Justice P Sathasivam will inaugurate the mobile app, called ‘Fish Finder Version 1’ on 18th February as a part of agency’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Kochi-based Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute is beating the drum for its platinum jubilee this year, and during the auspicious occasion, the app will be launched by the Governor of Kerala.

The app is programmed and developed by Dr Rekha Nair, Principal Scientist of Demersal Fisheries Division of CMFRI alongside an associate Manu V K. The app, after inauguration will be offered for download on the CMFRI’s website – The app has no fictional characters and is intended for scientific purposes only. The functionality of the app is exclusive of internet connection and hence can run without any active internet connection. In simple words, the app can be used in the most inaccessible corners of India, where the availability of internet connectivity is a nightmare.

The primary aim behind the development of the app is to scientifically recognise and categorise fish using their widespread names. The app will be extremely helpful for the maritime researchers to identify fishes quickly.

Talking about the app, Dr Rekha J Nair, said, the mobile app – Fish Finder Version 1 is developed with a user-friendly interface and is compatible only with smartphones. The mobile app has been programmed in a way that can easily understand and serve the purposes of the users. It will help researchers classifying a broad range of reefs, including the commercial reefs and reefs associated with fish.

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