There are multi-billion firms for producing chemicals, make over injections, and therapies help people avoid signs of ageing and look younger. But a simple formula can make you live a longer and healthier life, with no signs of ageing. A team of international scientists, during their new project, has detected that restricting calories may have an impressive influence on your ageing format and timeline.

The research conducted by a team of scientists from the Brigham Young University, located in Provo, Utah, United States has revealed that eating fewer calories can help you live a longer and healthier life. Moreover, it also can impinge on your ageing timeline and keep you younger looking in the later stage of life.

As highlighted by the new study, Ageing takes place at a deeper cellular level and eating fewer calories can measured this cellular process, resulting in the avoidance of ageing. The study, published in ‘Molecular & Cellular Proteomics’ has contained complete details how cutting calories can influence the process of ageing inside a cellular level. The researchers, in their study paper, also marked that when ribosome – the protein makers of the cell, responsible for ageing reduces their speed, the ageing process also eventually become slow, resulting in a sluggish ageing process. The decreased speediness cell production also provides ribosomes some extra time to patch up them.

According to the senior author John Price, a biochemistry professor Brigham Young University, “ribosomes” are one of the most intricate organisms of the body. It episodically requires preservation to put back the parts that are quickly exhausting. When they try to wear out, it is better to replace them with newer cells. Cutting calories in food help to replace the depleted cells and create a new one, resulting in the sluggish pace of ageing.”

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