A new module, created from the amalgamation of 3D printing and Virtual Reality (VR) will soon allow people to touch and live with monstrous animal – Dinosaur.

Petting dogs and cats are a common thing. But how about petting a dinosaur? The idea of petting a dinosaur is both weird and scary – isn’t it? But there are many courageous people on the earth who may have the fantasy to pet the monstrous animal dinosaur. If you are also one of them, then soon your fantasy for petting a dinosaur is going to turn into reality, thanks to the recent surprising breakthrough of Australian scientists.

Yes, a team of Australian researchers have developed a 3D-VR module, which will bring dinosaurs back into life. The new system will allow people to touch and live with the dead dinosaurs. Researchers from the Deakin University in Australia have made the best use of technological advancements to create a 3D module, which will make people live and walk with dinosaurs. A team of palaeontologists at a mining site in New South Wales State, located close to the Great Ocean Road have excavated over 200 pieces of skeletons of the wallaby-like leaellynasaura – an ornithopod inhabitant of Australia. In a 12-day excavating mission, the Australian palaeontologists have discovered the carcass.

In the meantime, a team of mechatronics students from Deakin University are drawing upon the discovered skeletons for creating a 3D module of the grotesque animal dinosaur on a computer which, later will be printed. By bringing the revolutionary Virtual Reality (VR) into play and merging it with the 3D model of the dinosaur, the Australian researchers will soon enable general people to walk and live with live-like dinosaurs.

Once completed, the project will be presented at Geelong’s National Wool Museum.

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