The administration of newly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump, is aggressively dominating NASA’s existing policies regarding researches and exploration missions. In such an antagonistic move, the lawmakers under Trump’s Government have asked NASA to shift its focus from the climate change projects to deep space missions. The lawmakers have instructed the NASA to leave the earth science program of the agency untouched and remove its ongoing climate change researches from its Earth Sciences Division.

Though it is yet unclear how, the policy-makers of the United states will transform NASA’s undertaking, but US’s Republicans and Trump’s officials have already cleared that, they want the agency to concentrate more on deep-space exploration missions and stay away from the researches related to climate change – which is also a part of agency’s Earth Sciences Division.

Yesterday, during an investigation by House Science, Space and Technology Committee, the Chairman of the Panel – Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said that he wants to conduct a “rebalancing” of NASA’s ongoing and future mission. According to the statement, given by the Lamar Smith to E&E News, the panel wants NASA to reprioritize its undertakings and shift its focus from climate change to deep-space missions. As the administration of US’s former President Barak Obama cut the space exploration funds, the committee now wants the agency to steer back to its space missions, rather than focusing on climate change.

This recent statement of trump’s lawmakers has created indecision about the destiny of NASA’s Earth Sciences Division, which is entitled to about $2 billion of NASA’s total $20 billion budget. In simple words, soon the climate change projects of NASA will be handover to another agency, might be without any funding from Trump’s government.

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