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ISRO or Indian Space Research Organisation has created a new space record by successfully launching and placing 104 satellites in orbit on 15th February 2017, Wednesday. As per the pre-scheduled agenda, the suite of 104 nano-satellites lifted off from the first launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh at morning 9.28am, Wednesday, marking a new world record for ISRO. With this launch, India has become the only nation to set out the highest number of satellites into the orbit at one go.

ISRO, for conducting the mission, employed it’s most reliable rocket – PSLV-C37. The 39th PSLV rocket, carrying the set of 104 nano-satellites, set afloat from the launch pad at 9.28 am, making the entire nation proud. After seven minutes of the dispatch, PSLV’s 39th rocket began putting the satellites into their prescribed orbits one by one. With a total time-frame of around 11 minutes, PSLV-C37 successfully managed to place all space probes into their relevant tracks and soon after, ISRO become the first agency to conduct this prestigious mega-launch, beating Russia.

The suite of satellites, launched by ISRO encompassed 104 space probes, out of which, 101 satellites belonged to six foreign nations including the United State (US), UAE, Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Kazakhstan. While the United States developed 96 out of 101, each of rest was designed by the rest of the countries. The rest three satellites were designed and owned by India itself, and there was also one primary customer of the mission – ISRO’s own Earth-mapping satellite – Cartosat 2 series.

As per the official statement of ISRO, the countdown for the launch was started 28-hours before the event. Within only 18 minutes, the set 104 satellites blasted off into space, each flying with the speed of over 27,000 km per hour – a pace which is 40 times faster the momentum of a usual passenger aeroplane. With the success of the mega-launch event, ISRO and India have significantly added a new glory to the global space industry.

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