China’s national space agency – China National Space Administration (CNSA) is gearing up for the launch of country’s first cargo spaceship in April. Reported by state media, Chinese space agency, with the launch of cargo space flight is taking a step closer to the inauguration of its ambitious manned space station by 2022. On Tuesday, the state-run news agency Xinhua has confirmed the launch news of Country’s first cargo space flight, named as ‘Tianzhou-1’ in April.

Moreover, endorsing this story, President of China Xi Jinping has prioritised the advancement of China’s space program, saying it would enhance national security and defence system. As stated by China Manned Space Agency (CMSA), country’s first cargo ship Tianzhou-1 has already arrived at the Wenchang Space Launch Centre in south Chinas Hainan Province from Tianjin, where it will be put for further experiments. The spacecraft will be used for resupplying stuff to the potential modular space station.

As announced by CMSA, the rocket launcher – CZ-7, carrying the spacecraft will lift off from the Hainan Space Launch Site, by the end of April. However, up to now, the official date for the remarkable launch hasn’t declared. The launch will be carried out from the Wenchang LC-2 launch pad. Once dispatched from the launch pad, the spaceship will be ported with the Tiangong-2 Fore; and will become the first cargo spacecraft of China to take wings into Space. The Tianzhou-1 is designed to dock with the Tiangong 2 space laboratory or ‘Heavenly Palace 2’ in the space.

Tianzhou-1 carrying 6 tonnes of supplies and two metric tonnes of fuel will take off to space and will stay there for three months. This unmanned mission of CNSA will be recorded as country’s first uncrewed cargo spacecraft. The configuration of the spaceflight is intended to be used for military, commercial and scientific purposes. It will not only enhance the security and defence system of the country but also help China to stand in a toe-to-toe position with United State and Russia.

However, the launch date is yet to be confirmed by the agency.

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